Some of you may know that I came from a non-literary background. When I started writing poetry, I did not initially know where to turn to and felt that it was a very solitary journey until I found organizations and people who helped me, and for whom I will always be thankful.


I have always believed that true poetry doesn't exclude anyone so I started Tsaá with Roma to open the doors of poetry for everybody and invite aspiring writers and new readers and audiences into our artistic discussions.


Please join me on Tsaá with Roma where I will be interviewing poets and other artists about things that interest, inform, and inspire us! Watch our current episodes HERE.


In 2019, I co-founded harana poetry with poet Kostya Tsolakis. harana is an online magazine for poets writing in English as a second or parallel language. We created harana poetry as a platform for poets who write in English as a second language, or use additional languages and dialects in combination with English in their work. The mission of harana poetry is to resist singleness of tongue and thought, initiate creative conversations and enlarge possibilities.