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A 'tour-de-force.' Jhalak Prize shortlist
A poetry of rapturous images and riveting conscience. Tracy K. Smith
Poignant, beautiful, and meditative writing on movement — living in a foreign country, being away from one’s family, speaking a language not quite your own... This is possibly the most beautiful thing I have read this year. Maria Lewandowska, The Poetry School Poetry Books of the Year
By turns playful and tender, offering a formally-various exploration of migration, community, and nursing... there is honesty, musicality, a powerful heart. Seán Hewitt, The Irish Times Best Poetry Books of 2020

Captivating, moving, witty, and agile... [Ante] is an unforced poet with a lightness of touch and fortitude, not neglecting to see her situation within a wider cultural and historical context... Each poem is a go-between: it is through poetry that worlds meet and converse... Ante proves an accomplished bridge builder.' Kate Kellaway, Observer Poetry Book of the Month
Ante’s poems are like embers, pared back to a slow-burning emotional core whose intensity she sustains elegantly throughout the collection. Stephanie Sy-Quia, Times Literary Supplement
Romalyn Ante’s debut collection presents an important and magical display of culture and perspective. There is always that memory that pervades someone’s mind of what it is to migrate from one’s home to another place. How are the people back home? The people who were left behind, how are they? Have they changed? [Antiemetic for Homesickness] aims to tackle those questions with folklore and spirit and honor. Shaun Anto, Columbia Journal
A poet to fall in love with... a fascinating and moving story of migration and loss, caring and tenderness. Liz Berry

It is something of miracle to experience a debut that charts our 'dislocated world' with such incisive generosity. R.A. Villanueva

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