Commissioned by Harper's Bazaar 
Unbecoming Maramot

Write Where We Are Now, a project by Dame Carol Ann Duffy
'Extremely good poetry, very  powerful, very affecting, very well crafted.' Boyd Tonkin, The Intelligence podcast

Commissioned by Southbank Center, Everyday Heroes, 2020
Nightingale Pledge 
read by Track K. Smith (The Slowdown), Manchester Poetry Prize Winner 2017 ('Antiemetic for Homesickness' portfolio)

'Rich and scrupulously attentive poems - this poet gave us language that seethed and teetered on the brink; this is powerful and exciting poetry.' Manchester Poetry Prize

Winner of Poetry London Clore Prize 2018, judged by Kwame Dawes

‘Names’ is a sprawling meditation on themes of emotional and familial exile. There is in this poem an enactment of Elizabeth Bishop’s question ‘Should we have stayed at home?’ For Bishop there seems to be a choice; for the poet of ‘Names’ there is no choice, really, but the ritual of discovering home, a place of belonging in memory and in the names that are given to us. It is a complex poem of tentacles that plait themselves together beautifully. Kwame Dawes, Poetry London Clore Prize
Group Portrait at the Stopover
The Poetry Review, nominated for the Forward Prize Best Single Poem 2020 (Antiemetic for Homesickness)

'The most memorable characters of the afternoon come from the poems of Romalyn Ante. Indeed, Romalyn herself is one incredible character... her latest book, Antiemetic for Homesickness, is rich with the images and gut-punches of working life on the hospital ward. Her real knockout work is ‘Group Portrait at the Stopover'... In this poem, she summons the spectacle of a whole nation, displaced in an airport lounge, sharing food from the variety of countries they have most recently been employed in. Chapter & Verse, The Manchester Literature Festival
Behind the Poem (Group Portrait at the Stopover) Poetry Review

Notes Inside a Balikbayan Box

Ambit Magazine, nominated for the Forward Prize Best Single Poem 2020 (Antiemetic for Homesickness)
Highly commended in the Forward Prize Best Single Poem 2020, from (Antiemetic for Homesickness)
Roce & Rain Romalyn Ante with prize badg
'Ante's mixing of the small and grand scale, and her clarity of vision, are particularly impressive.' Declan Ryan on 'Rice & Rain', The Times Literary Supplement

'Extraordinary poems, powerfully personal, subtly political, metaphysical.'
Voter's praise on 'Rice & Rain', Saboteur Awards 2018

Battle Ground
(creative non-fiction, East Side Voices)
(Why I Write Poetry, edited by Ian Humphreys, Nine Arches Press)
To My Leaver-Mother
(creative non-fiction, World Literature Today)
A Natural History of Scars
The Margins, Asian American Writers' Workshop, Nursing Notes
Shortlisted for the Hektoen International 'Blood' essay competition 
Silent Thoughts
Microfiction Monday
Chasing Deimos (a novel)
Shortlisted for The Asian Writer Chick-Lit Novel Competition 2016
The One Who Got The Worst (a play)
Blakenhall Writers Anthology 2016