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Ante’s poems are like embers, pared back to a slow-burning emotional core whose intensity she sustains elegantly throughout the collection. Stephanie Sy-Quia, Times Literary Supplement
Captivating, moving, witty, and agile... [Ante] is an unforced poet with a lightness of touch and fortitude, not neglecting to see her situation within a wider cultural and historical context... Each poem is a go-between: it is through poetry that worlds meet and converse... Ante proves an accomplished bridge builder.' Kate Kellaway, Observer *Poetry Book of the Month*
Filipinos working in the UK is so ubiquitous and invisible at the same time. Antiemetic for Homesickness brings this nuance into the spotlight, told through her personal narrative and Filipino heritage. This [book] has got me thinking about how clapping for the NHS is basically performative nonsense and the forms colonialism take in the 21st century. Citrusmatcha
Romalyn Ante’s debut collection presents an important and magical display of culture and perspective. There is always that memory that pervades someone’s mind of what it is to migrate from one’s home to another place. How are the people back home? The people who were left behind, how are they? Have they changed? [Antiemetic for Homesickness] aims to tackle those questions with folklore and spirit and honor. Shaun Anto, Columbia Journal
Ante has an assured hand, with a mastery of form and freshness of vision... these are poems that pay testimony to Ante's deep sense of humanity, authenticity, and caring, together with a desire to make the best of what life brings. Mary Mulholland, The Alchemy Spoon


The 35 poems in this collection document stories of yearning as well as pluck and hard love... I’m rewarded with the privilege of witnessing how the poet-speaker’s attention and empathy for others in the world continues to generously unfold. Luisa A. Igloria, RHINO REVIEWS

A poetry of rapturous images and riveting conscience. Tracy K. Smith
A poet to fall in love with... a fascinating and moving story of migration and loss, caring and tenderness. Liz Berry

It is something of miracle to experience a debut that charts our 'dislocated world' with such incisive generosity. R.A. Villanueva

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